Collaborative project #1

“POLLINATION” (100 Flowers & Optimistic Ideas by 100 Students) in collaboration with PUGG (Pop Up Gallery Group)


Collaborative Project #2


Public video projection made in collaboration with Kingston Police Department. Peace dove hand gestures and optimistic ideas by Police Officers. The video is projected in public places such as the walls of buildings in midtown.

Editor: Aaron Weisblatt

Videographer: Sarah Carlson
Ongoing Support and Projectionist: Kale Kaposhilin

SPECIAL THANKS to: RUPCO, Chief Tinte, Helmut Amann, Nina Dawon, Peter Criswell

Link to video.


Collaborative Project #3

Yellow picnic tables and a series of monthly
community gatherings.

A collaboration with:

Midtown Rising, RUPCO, Herzog’s, Midtown Arts District, The Collective, Good Work Institute, Luminairy Media, Heart of the Catskills


Collaborative Project #4

Yellow rocking chairs for positive dialogue.

A collaboration with: Kingston Happenings, Herzog’s, Midtown Rising, Good Work Institute


Collaborative Project #5

Installation at PEX Fest
In memory of Johnathon Lamb

The (P)ptimism Shoppe/ Happy Spot In Kingston allowed time and space to explore local project ideas as well as to take a few of the projects on the road. One of which was a commission of Happy Spots at the PEX Festival In Maryland.


Collaborative Project #6

Ceramic tea set and tea service to nurture local mental health advocates and to encourage connectivity, collaboration and communication amongst the various local mental health orgs/services.


Conceived by ‘Freedom Walker’
(aka Tina Lynn Dickerson)
Ceramic mentorship Kelli Sillik


Collaborative Project #7


The (P)optimism Shoppe/Happy Spot In Kingston was home-base for developing local projects as well as for projects in other cities.

Madison, New Jersey

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month (May of 2017) we launched a city wide “PAINT THE TOWN YELLOW” campaign (to shine a light on Depression Awareness )


in collaboration with:

• Madison’s mayor’s office
• Madison Borough Association
• Chamber of Commerce
• The YMCA
• Short Stories Gallery & Bookstore
• Over 50 artists & organizations !!!!