IS #INTOyellow



A CITY-wide celebration in honor of

International Day of Happiness (March 20th) and
Mental Health Awareness Month (May)


Companies, creatives, and community members are uniting to Shine a Light on Depression by creating Optimistic art, activities, and events -- all featuring:

International Optimism Yellow (a/k/a ‘INT-O Yellow’) -
a Color with a Cause.

Look for "We're #INTOyellow" posters in the windows of participating organizations and businesses that are showcasing Optimistic works of art and/or hosting special events and offers.

A portion of proceeds benefit (so we can continue gifting INT-O Yellow to artists and keep supporting Optimism in the Arts)!

 We need your help to sustain 'Paint the Town Yellow' and other collaboratively generated UMEWE programs.


March 20th is

DAY OF Happiness

 Stop by these participating Madison businesses & organizations starting March 20th to see how they are using their gifts to spread more Optimism and paint the town yellow! Just look for 'We're #INTOyellow' posters in doors and windows!

Our list is growing by the day! Keep checking back in to see who is #INTOYellow!




Beneath the Surface

Carter Smile

Chaise Fitness

CleaneRs Advantage

Drew University

Gary's wine & Marketplace

Hat shop Madison*

Healthy italia La buona cucina*

Home Sweet Home


kienlen lattmann sotheby's international

Learn to Code NJ

Madison-Area YMCA

Madison PhotoPlus

Madison Public Library*

Madison Public Schools

Madison Mud Clay Studio

Makers Gallery

Museum of Early Trades & Crafts*

presbyterian church of madison

rainbow montessori

saint vincent martyr Church

Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub*

Studio yoga 

the adult school of madison, chatham & florham park

Tons of Toys

Urban Fire

Waxing the City*

well & good*

whole foods

*Indicates these partners are hosting art



Click here to check out a digital gallery of all works featured in the 2017 "Optimism in Action" Group Show. 2018 works will be uploaded shortly!

We Are INTOyellow Group Art Show.jpg

Art Exhibition

March 18th until May 5th, 2018, anchored at the Peg Williams Gallery within Short Stories Bookshop and Community Hub, where works will be displayed, in addition to being distributed throughout town. INT-O Yellow paint and other swag will also be available for sale at this time.


Taste of Madison Benefit Art Auction

On March 19th, Madison will host its annual Taste of Madison fundraiser at the Brooklake Country Club, 139 Brooklake Road in Florham Park, NJ beginning at 7:00pm, where chefs from Madison’s finest restaurants serve samples of their best dishes to benefit several Madison-based non-profits.  The event will include a silent auction featuring a collection of INT-O Yellow works from the Peg Williams Gallery. The pieces will be auctioned off to help support The Madison-Area YMCA’s Community Mental Health Initiative and


'Optimism in Action' Speaker Series

Beginning the week of March 19th through May at Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub addressing topics such as Depression, Happiness, Optimism and Ways to Turn Optimism into Action, by an array of various speakers and authors. 

Community Garden Mural.jpg

Community Garden Mural

Roaming flower murals made in collaboration with hundreds of residents of all ages.  This public art project is an Optimistic collaboration with artist 'Uncle Riley' in which community members are invited to add drawings of flowers to small round yellow canvases. The canvases are then digitally enlarged into giant temporary "Community Garden" murals which will pop up in surprise locations to inspire and brighten our community.

This year, we will be creating  3 Community Garden murals - one in collaboration with the interfaith community, one in collaboration with community organizations and one in collaboration with the Madison Public High School students.

The interfaith Community Garden Mural will first be hosted by Saint Vincent Martyr R.C. Church, who will give parishioners an opportunity add small flower drawings over the course of the week.  They will then pass the small round yellow canvas along to the next participating religious organization who will pass it along after a week as well, and so on, until the canvas has made it's way around to all participating interfaith organizations and is ready to be blown up into a temporary canvas mural.  This mural will then be shared among the organizations as a symbol of the power of collective Optimism. 

The community Community Garden Mural will kick-off at the opening reception of the #INTOyellow Group Art Show at Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub on March 18 and will then follow the same model, making its way around to other community organizations, including the Madison-Area YMCA and the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, before being enlarged and gifted back to the Madison-Area YMCA's Community Mental Health Initiative.

The students of Madison High School created two identical canvas murals; gifting one to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on March 20th with a special message of support. Check it out here

Keep an eye out for Community Garden murals popping up throughout Madison for your chance to participate!

FUNDRAISERS & Other #INTOyellow Events

Madison, NJ Partners

Adams Dental*

Adult School of Madison, Chatham & Florham Park

Bar Method Madison

Begum Palace

Beneath the Surface

Carter Smile

Chaise Fitness

Cleaners Advantage

Drew University

Gary's Wine & Marketplace

Hat Shop*

Healthy Italia - La Buona Cucina*

Home Sweet Home


Learn to Code NJ

Madison-Area YMCA



Madison Mud Clay Studio

Madison Makers Gallery

Madison PhotoPlus

Madison Public Library

Museum of Early Trades & Crafts

Presbyterian Church of Madison

Saint Vincent Martyr R.C. Church

Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub*

Tons of Toys

Urban Fire

Waxing the City*

Well and Good*

Whole Foods*

Madison Public Schools
Kings Road School
Central Avenue School
Torey J. Sabatini School
Madison Junior School
Madison High School

*Indicates these partners are hosting art.